Why We Abandoned Facebook Video

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Social Media Examiner, a leading voice in the world of marketing best practices, made the decision to stop publishing three weekly shows on Facebook – and instead move them to YouTube
  • All of their analysis (graphs and video below) showed that people are NOT watching video on Facebook – especially if it’s longer than about a minute or two
  • Facebook is a highway and no one stops to watch video — Instead, they scroll
  • YouTube is where people prefer to watch videos that are longer than a few minutes
  • Their challenge was their YouTube audience was small—21,000 vs 533,000 on Facebook
  • At first glance it looked like they were getting 10X the views on Facebook – But the retention graphs told a different story
  • The data made it VERY clear that YouTube was the channel where people are actually watching their videos
  • They concluded Publishing Facebook content that people don’t watch or engage with was bad for their page – It sends the wrong signals to the algorithm and was not a smart strategy.

Here’s what a typical video’s retention looks like for us on Facebook:

Here’s the exact same video on YouTube:

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