Which Companies Have The Highest Revenue Per Employee?

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • For many companies, the biggest cost is talent
  • These charts analyze every company in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to see which ones had the highest and lowest revenues per employee
  • Energy companies have the highest average Revenue per Employee, while Industrials and Consumer Discretionaries perform worst on this metric
  • Average revenue per employee in the Energy sector is double that of Healthcare companies and almost four times as high as that of Information Technology companies
  • Restaurants and Hotel chains make up the majority of the list on the lower end
  • Apple has the highest revenue per employee in this selection of technology companies – However, they have substantial non-employee costs since selling hardware involves buying materials and making something tangible
  • Facebook and Alphabet (Google), on the other hand, make most of their revenue from selling a virtual good (advertising) and still have a tremendously high revenue per employee
  • VeriSign, which provides domain names and internet security, was a strong performer, generating $1.1Bn in revenue from only 990 employees, ranking fourth in the Technology sector, with $1.2M per employee.

  • To see the full list of companies comprising S&P 500 Index, please click here. 

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