What Are Consumers’ Top Customer Service Irritants?

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • 90% of us have contacted customer service at some point in the past year
  • 57% of us have hung up the phone without resolving our issue.

The survey identified numerous pain points and asked respondents to rate them on a 10-point scale, from “not annoying at all” to “tremendously irritating.” The top irritants in terms of the percentage “highly annoyed” by the practice, were:

  • Not getting a live person on the phone (75%);
  • Customer service being rude or condescending (75%);
  • Getting disconnected (74%);
  • Getting disconnected and being unable to reach the same rep again (71%); and
  • Being transferred to a representative who can’t help or is wrong (70%).

By comparison, while a majority find sales pitches and overly pushy salespeople to be irritating, these aren’t quite as frustrating.

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