The rapid growth of the Chinese internet — and where it’s headed | TedTalk

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  • This is a profound talk and very much worth watching
  • The opportunities that this growth is creating will reshape many aspects of all of our future – you will really enjoy having seen this one
  • The Chinese internet has grown at a staggering pace — it now has more users than the combined populations of the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France and Canada
  • Even with its imperfections, the lives of once-forgotten populations have been irrevocably elevated because of it, says South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu
  • In a fascinating talk, Liu details how the tech industry in China has developed — from the innovative, like AI-optimized train travel, to the dystopian, like a social credit rating that both rewards and restricts citizens, and the reshaping of education and job opportunities for hundreds of millions of children and people.


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The rapid growth of the Chinese internet -- and where it's headed | TedTalk