The 6 biggest content marketing trends of 2015

Curated by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business.

  • Content is king – creating informative, educational or emotional content for your audience is key
  • Here are the 6 biggest trends that developed in 2015.
  • We’ve shared questions for marketers to ask themselves for each trend.


1. The rise of influencers

  • Are you connecting your content with others who influence your clients’s thinking?

2. Even more user-generated content

  • Have you tapped into the experience and knowledge of your audience to create content?

3. The growth of native advertising

  • Do you even know what native advertising is? Have you tested it at all?

4. A stronger focus on distribution

  • 50% of effort should be for content creation.
  • 50% of effort should be for content distribution and promotion

5. Increasing link between content and social

  • Do you share, listen, respond, engage and actively grow your social communities?
  • Do you measure that week to week?
  • Do you participate in any external forums or groups where you can give and share – and be viewed as a thought leader?

6. Content becoming more mobile-friendly

  • 50% of people will only see your info on their phone?
  • Do you regularly look at your own content on your phone to see how it looks?

7. Use of schema increasing and improving

  • Schema means search engines index content differently depending on what it is (weather, directions, hours of operation, menus, sports scores, etc)
  • Have you identified any key schema that relate to you or your competitors search listings and taken advantage of them?

Via Econsultancy