The 5 Things All Great Salespeople Do

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • The author of this study spent 16 years in sales leadership at Salesforce observing how top performers share some of the same patterns, habits, and characteristics
  • Here are the five categories that the article explores in more depth
  • #1 – The best salespeople own everything
  • The most significant difference between perennial top performers and everyone else is usually attitude
  • #2  – The best salespeople are resourceful
  • MacGyver never stopped and complained about how he only had a paper clip to work with, while other people had a blowtorch – He simply assessed his strengths and resources and made something happen
  • #3 – The best salespeople are experts
  • Sales is less about selling and more about leading, which requires high levels of confidence, which in turn requires knowledge and experience – never stop learning – Expertise leads to confidence, which leads to trust, which leads to sales
  • #4 – The best salespeople help others
  • The best salespeople regularly pass their knowledge on to less tenured or less experienced sales people with no expectation of anything in return
  • # 5 – The best salespeople move quickly
  • The best salespeople don’t move recklessly, but they do have a sense of urgency
  • Look at the top salespeople in your own company and see if they possess most if not all of these characteristics.