The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • The most successful people on the planet are also the people likeliest to devote an hour a day to reading and learning
  • During a five-year study of more than 200 self-made millionaires, Thomas Corley found that they don’t watch TV – Instead, an impressive 86 percent claimed they read — but not just for fun – and 63 percent said they listened to audiobooks during their morning commute
  • The average millionaire is said to read two or more books per month and if they are frequently on the go, they listen to audiobooks or podcasts
  • No matter how busy successful people are, they always “set aside at least an hour a day (or five hours a week) over their entire career for activities that can be classified as deliberate practice or learning
  • Throughout Ben Franklin’s adult life, he consistently invested roughly an hour a day in deliberate learning
  • Read – Reflect – Experiment – Consistently – that is the key – check out the link to the full article below.