Skype updates Chrome extension to make it easier to send call links in emails and calendar invites

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Skype is an amazing free tool (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android or Web) to keep your team, partners or clients connected for instant one-on-one or group audio or video phone calls, screenshares or  chats – Microsoft purchased skype for $8 billion
  • Skype  just updated  its Chrome browser extension to make it easier to share call links across a number of communication conduits
  • The new Chrome extension makes it easy to generate call links directly from web-based email clients Gmail, Google Inbox, and, as well as Google and Microsoft’s respective calendar applications
  • With the Chrome extension installed, users will now also see a little Skype icon in Twitter’s tweet composition window, which, when clicked, adds a link for anyone to join in your call.

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