Shark Tank’s star Barbara Corcoran shares her keys to making a good first impression

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran has met a lot of people in business – Corcoran reveals how to make a good first impression
  • There’s some basic things that I think mothers use to teach – I’m not sure who’s teaching them anymore
  • You’ve got to have good posture – your first impression – not lacking in confidence
  • Looking someone straight in the eye – this creates trust 
  • And then you’ve got to look the part – show you care about creating credibility
  • After that, it comes down to one thing only which is clear communication
  • If you can communicate your passion and the logic of your idea clearly and succinctly, you’re going to get a fish on your hook
  • If you can’t communicate well, you’re never going to make a sale
  • You’re never going to build a business if you can’t make sales
  • So communication is the capital trait of every great entrepreneur.