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Safely and securely develop business applications in days – and extend and tailor your existing applications to do more. See why the world’s most successful businesses build what matters on Quick Base.

About Quick Base

QuickBase, formerly a division of Intuit, is the industry’s leading low-code platform for citizen development for quickly building, customizing and connecting scalable, secure cloud applications mapped to unique business challenges, all without compromising IT governance and control.

QuickBase solutions solve a broad set of challenges customized to your unique needs including project and process management, asset or order tracking, customer and contracts management, time and expense, and HR applications. The platform solves these challenges via a modern application platform that includes workflow and process automation, easy to use forms, and personalized charts and reports driven by customizable business logic.

Empowering Citizen Developers

QuickBase does this by empowering citizen developers in the line of business to deliver “right for me” cloud applications faster than traditional application development methodologies with the visibility and accountability required by IT. This methodology unites IT and the business to accelerate business transformation across the organization through rapid prototyping of processes and apps that are built, deployed, and customized at a fraction of the cost of traditional development which typically relies on expensive, hard to find professional developer resources.

Quickbase has over 6,000 clients and 500,000 users and is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. It’s an agile, cloud-based database/application platform that allows us to rapidly develop and deploy/scale business solutions.

QuickBase is a low-code platform for building expressive, scalable, interoperable applications for organizations of all sizes, without compromising IT governance and controls.

Unlike development environments for hand-coded applications, QuickBase provides an easy-to-use low-code platform on which citizen developers in both IT and the line of business build apps faster than ever.

It also enables IT leaders to elastically scale governance, as the number of both apps and app builders in their organizations grows.

New User Orientation Videos

Here’s a collection of short videos that you caan view in less than an hour. Watching these will give a new Quickbase user or citizen developer a great overview of the platform
What is Quick Base | 3m
Intuit’s Journey w/CEO Brad Smith | 3m
Quick Base Overview | 4m
Quick Base Reports | 10m
Homepages & Dashboards | 11m
Roles & Security | 6m
Quick Search & Filtering | 2m
Quick Base Charts | 3m
End User Tour | 10m

Annual Empower Conference CEO & Product Keynotes

2019 Empower // Miami, FL

Public videos pending.  Full keynotes and all session videos are available at university.quickbase.com

2018 Empower // Austin, TX

Empower 2018 Keynote
Rick Willett CEO of Quick Base
 | 64m
Rick Willett, CEO of Quick Base, on the growing movement of no-code applications and what trends like AI and Blockchain really have to do with the future of no-code technology. Taped live at Quick Base EMPOWER2018 in Austin, TX.
Empower 2018 Product Keynote
| 1hr 28m
Join Jay Jamison, SVP of Strategy and Product Management at Quick Base, for a visionary keynote on the trends that are impacting no-code software tools and how Quick Base is delivering the platform of the future.

2017 Empower // Boston, MA

Empower 2017 Keynote
Rick Willett, CEO of Quick Base
 | 56m
At EMPOWER, Quick Base’s annual conference, people and organizations of all kinds gather to focus on doing more of what matters as they attend 2 ½ days packed with Quick Base education, inspiration, and opportunity. In the afternoon general session, Rick Willett, CEO of Quick Base, unveiled the new product vision to help organizations create a culture of problem solving where all employees are empowered to build apps securely and efficiently to improve their daily work. During the keynote, Rick hosted a customer panel to discuss driving business and career growth with Quick Base.
Empower 2017 Base Product Keynote
| 1hr 12min
At EMPOWER, Quick Base’s annual conference, people and organizations of all kinds gather to focus on doing more of what matters as they attend 2 ½ days packed with Quick Base education, inspiration, and opportunity. During the product keynote we shared our vision of how we’re going to help customers be more successful with the Quick Base platform. To deliver on this vision, we announced significant new enhancements to empower our customers to build more apps across their organization to foster greater business productivity and growth. These enhancements, largely driven by customer requests and feedback, are focused around three major areas of the platform – enhancing end-user efficiency, increasing builder productivity, and simplifying user management at scale.

2016 Empower // Nashville, TN

Empower 2016 Keynote
Allison Mnookin CEO of Quick Base
 | 38m

Change is the only constant. Organizations must continually adapt their business processes to respond to the greater need of business agility. To solve problems in innovative ways, every worker must be empowered to contribute his or her diverse skills and knowledge, taking advantage of technology where possible. We are in the Age of Empowerment, where despite coding skills or deparment function, the subject matter experts who are closest to the work feel empowered to problem solve in the workplace
Empower 2016 Geoffrey Moore, Keynote
| 42m

Geoffrey Moore, best selling author of “Crossing the Chasm” and “Escape Velocity,” as our keynote speaker at EMPOWER 2016!

Are you looking for ways to make your team or broader organization more nimble, dynamic, or efficient?

Join Mr. Moore, the QuickBase team, and customers like yourself this May 10-13 in Nashville to hear how organizations of all sizes are applying momentum from the growing citizen developer movement to accelerate growth and increase market share.

Empower 2016 Product Update
| 60m
At EMPOWER, Quick Base’s annual conference, people and organizations of all kinds gather to focus on doing more of what matters as they attend 2 ½ days packed with Quick Base education, inspiration, and opportunity. The QuickBase product team presented a lot to get excited about at EMPOWER 2016 in Nashville, TN. From advanced integration features to a new partnership with Workato, plus a sneak peek at the next generation of QuickBase user interface, this keynote demonstrated how QuickBase is empowering organizations to harness the power of citizen developers to drive huge results.

2015 Empower // Chicago, IL

Empower 2015 Keynote
Allison Mnookin CEO of Quick Base
 | 30m
At EMPOWER, Quick Base’s annual conference, people and organizations of all kinds gather to focus on doing more of what matters as they attend 2 ½ days packed with Quick Base education, inspiration, and opportunity. Join Allison Mnookin, VP & General Manager of Quick Base, as she shares Intuit’s vision for QuickBase and the trends that are shaping the future of highly-empowered employees, including: – Digital Transformation – Citizen Developers – Democratization of IT – Innovation by Integration Learn how Quick Base customers of every size and shape are leading the charge and empowering their employees to solve their own problems. With over 5 million apps and half a million problem solvers at more than 5,500 companies, Quick Base is the proven low-code platform for building and customizing business apps

Health Ventures & Quick Base

  • As a management consulting firm, Health Ventures, helps clients develop and implement digital business strategies to grow their business, solve their most pressing problems and develop transformative opportunities for future success.
  • We help clients streamline existing business processes, create innovative and agile solutions that advance the speed and quality of operations, improve user experiences, and develop sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.
  • Quickbase is one of the key tools we see clients embrace time and time again drives their success.

Quick Base Certification


Certification provides tested/proven validation of the ability to design, build, implement, maintain and administer Quick Base Applications.

Health Ventures Certified by Quick Base for
Enterprise Administration and Certified App Development

Quick Base Client
Testimonial Videos


Meet some of the more than 6,000 customers who lead the way with problem-solving, paradigm-smashing, process-automating apps built with Quick Base.

Metso Drives Efficient Manufacturing Operations  | 2m

Producing high volumes of complex engineered orders is a key challenge for the manufacturing industry. Managing these orders through customer service, project management, engineering, procurement, planning, and manufacturing requires a high degree of synchronization across teams and technologies. Metso recently found a new solution to this old problem by building a suite of apps on Quick Base, collectively called the Metso Global Operations Data Center. The apps have streamlined multiple processes, enabling Metso to save an estimated $1 million annually, boost efficiencies, reduce delays, and standardize its order management practices.

Presti & Naegele Boosts Client Pipeline | 2m

For accounting firms, managing many clients on multiple versions of their accounting software poses a real challenge: How do you store and quickly access information about which version the client uses to provide the best possible service? Spreadsheets weren’t doing the job for Presti & Naegele, so the firm built a customer relationship management (CRM) app on Quick Base that ensures accurate information and results in 30 to 40 new clients per year.

ARG Builds a Clinical Trial Management System  | 2m

Managing clinical trials for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries requires a high degree of coordination and compliance. Smaller contract research organizations (CROs) typically struggle with a dizzying volume of spreadsheets, emails, and documents to keep trials moving forward and clients up to date. At Atlantic Research Group, however, a Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) built entirely with Quick Base has enabled the company to meet a high standard of efficiency, compliance, and service to its clients.

Sullivan Solar Power Scales Fast | 2m

As an early player in a fast-growing industry, Sullivan Solar Power needed a better way to manage an exploding volume of sales leads. The company’s spreadsheet-based system was both inconsistent (some leads were called by multiple sales reps, others by none) and impossible to report on. By implementing a sales management solution built on Quick Base, Sullivan Solar Power was able to grow its business rapidly while maintaining its commitment to quality products, systems, and people. The company now runs multiple processes and functions — from HR to Purchasing — on Quick Base.

Patra Corp Scales Outsourcing Practice | 2m

As a leader in back-office outsourcing to the insurance industry, Patra Corporation is constantly improving its ability to deliver to customers. To scale its business, Patra needed a solution that would enable maximum efficiency in its business processes and deliver relevant insights quickly. The organization found its answer by building a range of highly specialized apps on the Quick Base platform. The ability to build and deploy quickly while meeting specific customer needs has enabled Patra to deliver high-quality service at much greater scale than ever.
Agero Weathers the Polar Vortex with a Mobile App | 2m
As a provider of roadside assistance services to more than 75 million drivers, extreme weather can have a severe impact on Agero’s business. After the polar vortex of January 2014 plunged much of the country into freezing and snowy conditions, Agero’s CEO pushed his team to develop a web application that would allow customers to request service online without having to call into an 800 number. Using Quick Base, the product management team was able to develop, test, and deliver an application that met all requirements within one day. The app has helped to reduce hold times and deliver insightful dashboards to help ensure the safety of stranded motorists during high call volume.

Ceva Delivers Rapid Application Development  | 2m

Ceva Santé Animale is a fast-growing multinational company in the animal health industry, with more than 3,500 employees doing business in 110 countries. The company has doubled in size over the past five years, putting pressure on the IT group to roll out solutions to its users faster than ever. Traditional app delivery was too slow to scale, so Ceva CIO François Tricot built an IT infrastructure with a mission — to rapidly deliver apps that work on any device, any network. To support this mission, Ceva uses Quick Base as a platform to deliver highly customizable business apps to end users in a fraction of the time required for traditional IT delivery. Four years after implementing his “Beyond the Cloud” strategy, Tricot has reduced overall IT spending by 30% while delivering business applications in days, not months.

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