Agile Applications with Quickbase

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QuickBase is a low-code platform for building expressive, scalable, interoperable applications for organizations of all sizes, without compromising IT governance and controls.

Unlike development environments for hand-coded applications, QuickBase provides an easy-to-use low-code platform on which citizen developers in both IT and the line of business build apps faster than ever.

It also enables IT leaders to elastically scale governance, as the number of both apps and app builders in their organizations grows.

New User Orientation Videos

This is a sequenced list of 15 videos. Each lasts from 2 to 10 minutes, for a total of 90 minutes. Watching these will give a new Quickbase user or citizen developer a good overview of the platform.

  1. What is Quickbase (2:45 min)
  2. Quickbase Overview (3:38 min)
  3. Intuit’s Journey (3:14 min)
  4. QuickBase Quick Tour (8:57 min)
  5. Configuring Reports & Charts (1:32 min)
  6. Quickbase Reports (9:50 min)
  7. Home Pages and Dashboards (11:50 min)
  8. Roles and Security (8:03 min)
  9. QuickBase App Home Pages (1:38 min)
  10. QuickBase Simplified Search & Filtering (1:50 min)
  11. What’s New in Intuit QuickBase (3:01 min)
  12. QuickBase End User Tour (10:57 min)
  13. QuickBase Charts (3:03 min)
  14. QuickBase Sync Demo (2:40 min)
  15. Intuit QuickBase EMPOWER 2015: Opening Keynote (29:54 min)

Full New User Orientation Playlist on Youtube

  • Here is the same lists of videos but in a YouTube playlist

About Quickbase

  • QuickBase, formerly a division of Intuit, is the industry’s leading low-code platform for citizen development for quickly building, customizing and connecting scalable, secure cloud applications mapped to unique business challenges, all without compromising IT governance and control.
  • QuickBase solutions solve a broad set of challenges customized to your unique needs including project and process management, asset or order tracking, customer and contracts management, time and expense, and HR applications. The platform solves these challenges via a modern application platform that includes workflow and process automation, easy to use forms, and personalized charts and reports driven by customizable business logic.
  • QuickBase does this by empowering citizen developers in the line of business to deliver “right for me” cloud applications faster than traditional application development methodologies with the visibility and accountability required by IT. This methodology unites IT and the business to accelerate business transformation across the organization through rapid prototyping of processes and apps that are built, deployed, and customized at a fraction of the cost of traditional development which typically relies on expensive, hard to find professional developer resources.
  • Quickbase has over 6,000 clients and 500,000 users and is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. It’s an agile, cloud-based database/application platform that allows us to rapidly develop and deploy/scale business solutions.

About Health Ventures

  • Our management consulting firm, Health Ventures, helps clients develop and implement their digital business strategies in order to grow their business.
  • We help clients streamline existing business processes and create innovative and agile solutions to advance their speed/quality of operations and achieve competitive advantages in the marketplace. Quickbase is one of the tools that helps our clients in that regard.

Quickbase Client Testimonial Videos

  1. What is QuickBase? (2:45 min)
  2. Formation Healthcare Group Delivers Insights with Intuit QuickBase (2:03 min)
  3. How Intuit QuickBase Delivers High User Adoption at Vintage, a Division of PR Newswire (0:57 min)
  4. Metso Drives Efficient Manufacturing Operations with Intuit QuickBase (2:34 min)
  5. Presti & Naegele Boosts Client Pipeline with Intuit QuickBase (1:48 min)
  6. How ARG Built a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) on Intuit QuickBase (2:24 min)
  7. Sullivan Solar Power Scales Fast with Intuit QuickBase (2:24 min)
  8. Patra Corp Scales Outsourcing Practice with Intuit QuickBase (2:45 min)
  9. Agero Weathers the Polar Vortex with a Mobile App Built on Intuit QuickBase (2:45 min)
  10. Ceva Delivers Rapid Application Development with Intuit QuickBase (2:15 min)

Full Client Testimonial Playlist on YouTube


New: Quickbase Sync

See how Quickbase Sync automatically syncs cloud data into your apps.