Salesforce says Only 15% Of Companies Prepared For Fourth Industrial Revolution

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • In the beginning was steam, then electricity, and most recently computing
  • But the fourth industrial revolution, Salesforce chief product officer Bret Taylor says, is characterized by the rise of  intelligence
  • And only 15% of companies are ready for the shift
  • Seamless integrated experiences across all customer touchpoints – that’s what it means to drive the fourth industrial revolution”
  • You must unlock all of the data in your company to expose that single view of your customers
  • Yet few companies have achieved a simple but complete view of their customers
  • That’s problematic, and leads to messages that don’t resonate, emails that duplicate, customer contact points like web, email, and phone that don’t connect, and employees who can’t put it all together
  • Add it up, and you’ve got a crappy customer experience – and that has brutal consequences in today’s experience economy
  • Today, mobile connecting customers is greatest opportunity companies have ever had to connect with customers because an individual’s mobile device is never more than three feet away from them
  • Learning how to get an organization’s data and systems all on the same page is essential to developing the agility to survive, change and respond to new customer expectations and market demands.