Myers-Briggs Just Discovered There Is a Personality Type for Entrepreneurs

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Being entrepreneurial means you can never rest – You can’t go to bed at night thinking about the taco wraps you had for lunch or the oil change your car needs in the morning
  • You’re stuck in a loop of ideas, planning, execution, and reward – You think about how to improve taco wraps and how to speed up oil changes
  • You can’t turn it off – Friends and family look at you with a weird expression “What are you thinking about right now” they say
  • Now, thankfully, Myers-Briggs has admitted this is a distinct personality type
  • Here is the new study showing that certain personality types are drawn to an entrepreneurial mindset.

From the study: “The entrepreneurs in the group showed a significantly higher orientation for creativity, risk-taking, impulsivity, and especially autonomy than did non-entrepreneurs. Competitive ambition did not distinguish between those who were or were not entrepreneurs, but did relate to those who saw themselves as more entrepreneurial. People with a preference for extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving tended to show greater levels of entrepreneurial orientation.”