Millions of fingerprints have been stolen and posted online

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Where are your fingerprints stored?

  1. On any mobile phone you ever used with a fingerprint sensor on it.
  2. In the databases of any phone manufacturer you used, which had a fingerprint sensor (if you used it). Possibly distributed across multiple continents – even in countries which may not respect your country’s laws on privacy if something nasty happens (you know – one of the multiple government collapses we’ve seen could be an example).
  3. On any computer with a fingerprint sensor where you had it configured.
  4. In every government database which has collected it, ever. (such databases are regularly breached – let’s remembre the OPM hack, the Turkish citizenship database hack and many others, too many to list here;
  5. Anything you ever touched contains your fingerprint. And you protect your closest secrets with something which is literally left on anything you touch.
    Let that sink in for a moment. 
  6. In the future, more and more systems will rely on biometric authentication. And fingerprints are probably the worst (point 5 above).

Via LinkedIn Cybersecurity Forum