Here are the top 100 companies revenue and profit visualized

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Here IS an interesting data visualization that summed up the top 50 companies in the world by revenue, based on data from Forbes
  • A new, updated interactive version from Ishtyaq Habib shows the top 100 biggest companies by market value, but uses circles to represent both the revenue and profit for each company
  • Apple’s 2016 profit of $45 billion is far bigger than any other company, including Berkshire Hathaway ($24 billion), JPMorgan Chase ($24 billion), Wells Fargo ($22 billion), Alphabet ($19 billion), Samsung ($19 billion), Toyota ($17 billion), Johnson & Johnson ($16 billion), or Walmart ($14 billion)
  • Apple’s profits are bigger than the revenues of massive companies like Coca-Cola ($41.5 billion) or Facebook ($27.6 billion)
  • Unfortunately, not every company can make a 21% profit margin on $217 billion of revenue like Apple – Other organizations need to rely on razor-thin margins and volume to make things work
  • Enjoy exploring the interactive visualization.


Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist