Half of the high-paying jobs in America now require this skill

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  • Roughly half of the jobs in the top income quartile — defined as those paying $57,000 or more per year — are in occupations that commonly require applicants to have at least some computer coding knowledge or skill, according to an analysis of 26 million US online job postings
  • If terms like SQL, Python and JavaScript aren’t on your radar, employers may not be interested in hiring you
  • It’s not just technology jobs that now require at least some coding knowledge, everyone from business people who work with data to designers and marketers who create websites to scientists who conduct research now need at least some coding knowledge
  • “Coding is the new literacy: Like the ability to read, what was once optional will soon be a basic requirement”
  • Other reasons that coding skills are so in demand: They can help workers “automate trivial tasks” and “hack their way to solutions others consider impossible”.

Full report released this month by job market analytics firm Burning Glass and Oracle Academy, the philanthropic arm of Oracle focused on computer science education.

Full Article Via MarketWatch