Half of Companies Say They Don’t Have the Digital Skills They Need

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Powerful insights from the Harvard Business Review
  • In just one decade, the concept of “digital” has changed from a niche skillset to something that’s mandatory for virtually all companies
  • If you don’t feel like your employees’ digital IQs are competitive, you have a major problem on your hands
  • Unfortunately for many companies, that’s exactly the situation they find themselves in
  • Companies are losing faith in their digital smarts – only 52% rated their digital IQ as strong in PwC’s 2017 Global Digital IQ Survey
  • The first step is to raise the digital IQ of employees; the next step is giving them the tools they need to succeed
  • However, simply investing in tools isn’t a substitute for strong leadership. For any company to future-proof itself, its executive team needs to believe in and commit to raising its workforce’s digital IQ
  • It’s not that employees are getting less tech-savvy; it’s that the market demands more of each and every one of them
  • The word “digital” used to mean your company’s investments in IT, and perhaps social media readiness, but now it’s bigger, and touches on your company’s overall culture
  • Moving forward jobs that need more technical and analytical ability, not to mention greater social skills, will tend to grow at a much faster rate than others.

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