Five Business Intelligence Predictions For 2019

Curated by Paul Helmick

I’m a Technology CEO and Experienced Entrepreneur. I love helping people use technology to grow their business.

  • Organizations leverage business intelligence (BI) and analytics to solve business problems and improve operations
  • These software platforms convert data into actionable intelligence that arms companies with the information they need to make tactical and strategic business decisions
  • Today’s business environment is extremely complex –  Data comes from an ever-growing number of sources, and it needs to be easily consumed by diverse business users — not just data analysts
  • Here are five predictions that will impact organizations in 2019
  • 1 — Automation – by 2020 over 40% of data science tasks will be automated and performed by machines – driven largely due to an analytics skills shortage – there are not enough qualified analysts
  • 2 — Storytelling – As organizations continue to consume vast amounts of data, users are demanding new solutions that help them interpret and contextualize data so they can make informed decisions with clarity – Storytelling creates an effective narrative – It can turn data into business actions
  • 3 — Mobility – there will be high demand to serve customers and employees via their smartphones and tablets
  • 4 — NLQ (Natural Language Queries) –  With the ubiquity of mobile devices and the advances in speech recognition and voice-activated assistants like Alexa and Siri, there is a growing opportunity for NLQ interaction with company data and insights – text search interface will see the beginning of its end, being supplanted by NLQ, particularly as it pertains to mobility
  • 5 — User Interfaces –  For decades now, dashboards have been the go-to interface for data users to consume BI analytics – often with IT having to be an intermediary between users and their applications and services – moving forward, users will have much more direct / mobile access to data and insights on demand.