Facebook at Work is now Workplace, launches for all companies starting at $3 per user each month

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Facebook has now launched its enterprise-grade social network for all companies almost two years as a pilot project
  • It’s called Workplace see the video here https://work.fb.com
  • It’s positioned to replace incumbents such as Microsoft’s Yammer and Slack
  • This will be intersting to watch as it’s very easy for a business to lean on FB’s billion dollar infrastructure for something simple like group communications for project management type discussions
  • It has built an enterprise level service completely separate from the main Facebook experience, with its own branded app, and enterprise-focused features including single sign-on (SSO) access
  • Facebook revealed a tiered pricing structure based on the number of active users a company has — it will be $3 per user each month up to 1,000 users, before dropping to $2 for up to 10,000 users and then $1 for everyone above that
  • Not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions will gain access to Workplace free.

Facebook at Work

We don’t want to be an enterprise social network. The reason why we are shipping Facebook at Work is because we’ve been using it ourselves for many years internally. And millions of businesses are already using Facebook for work, for example with Facebook Groups. It took us some time to decide to go after this category.

It’s also a very different business model. The mission of Facebook is to connect the world. We spent the first 11 years connecting people in their personal lives, and now we’re going for the workplace. We realized the value of being connected, and when you bring something like Facebook into the workplace, amazing things happen in terms of productivity, collaboration, efficiency.