Enterprise CMOs Say They Spread Their Budgets Evenly Across the Customer Journey

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • CMOs are no longer investing the majority of their budgets to customer acquisition, instead spreading their spending more evenly across the six stages of the customer journey
  • The survey of 100 CMOs with annual marketing budgets of at least $1 million found 57% predicting an increase in overall budgets over the next 2-3 years, with spending growth expected across all stages of the customer journey.

Currently, average budget allocations break down as follows:

  • Discover: 20% share;
  • Learn: 16%;
  • Try: 16%;
  • Buy: 21%;
  • Use: 13%; and
  • Advocate: 14%.

The fairly even spread in spending is interesting in light of research contained in a MarketingCharts report suggesting that among B2B marketers (at least those at mid-size companies), there is a greater focus on lead generation and acquisition than on retention and up-sell revenue.

Via: Marketing Charts, Stats, Facts & Trends