Easy Free Tool to Create Social Media Graphics (Pablo by Buffer)

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • If you have to make social media graphic posts for your organization you will love this
  • Free Chrome Extension – works anywhere
  • Choose any graphic from the web, their free library or local image
  • Add any text and to the image, style it
  • Save it or post it in any of the popular social media size formats

Pablo 2 point 0 - image



How to get it:

  1. Get it here free Pablo Extension

  2. See it online at Buffer/Pablo

Here’s the “official” feature list from Buffer/Pablo:

Pablo Extension Features:
+ Highlight text on any page and then right click to see an option for opening that text in Pablo for creating beautiful images.
+ Right click on any image that you come across and you will see an option to open the image in Pablo for editing.
+ As you browse your favorite sites and hover over images, you will notice a ‘Pablo’ button in the lower right corner. Select this button and the image will automatically be pulled into Pablo and available for editing.
+ Simply click the Pablo icon in your browser and the Pablo dashboard will open in a new tab.