Digital Transformation Budgets Will Top The Billion-Dollar Bar

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Forrester calls this new capability “digital operational excellence
  • It’s the 80 in the 80/20 rule of digital transformation
  • Forrester released its 2017 digital business predictions, emphasizing the importance operational excellence plays in digital transformation
  • #1 Digital transformation will tip from experiences to operation
  • Businesses will start to double down on their investment in digital operational excellence
  • #2 Transformation budgets will edge up into the billions
  • Technology investments are being targeted across all areas now, products, processes, and people -and budgets are rising to match
  • #3 Brands will have learned that customers don’t deserve to be dropped between touchpoints
  • Companies will work hard to break down the silos between web, mobile app, and offline engagement.


Via Forrester Research:

To learn more about what Forrester expects next year, visit to download the free 2017 predictions guide that covers the top 15 dynamics that will shape the future in the age of the customer.