Cloud Storage Compared

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Here is a summary graphic that compares all of the features of the various cloud storage providers
  • Over the years we’ve moved from Carbonite just for backups, to enjoy the openness and multi-platform convenience and reliability of DropBox, to experience incredible collaboration features of Google Drive/Apps (and the amazing search experience with Google photos)
  • Of course if you’re an Apple fan – you have to buy some iCloud storage just to backup your phone, but it’s not really an active document storage platform to share with others quite like the others
  • Microsoft has been growing their cloud services and their OneDrive storage is now well-integrated into their 365 cloud apps in the desktop and mobile environments
  • For me, it’s DropBox and Google Drive, and then OneDrive if you are teamed up in a huge MSFT environment.

Via ChurchMag