Apple Made a Siri Webpage Detailing Everything She Can Do

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Apple’s AI voice assistant, Siri has seemed to take a back seat to Amazon’s Alexa, despite the fact that your phone is always with you
  • But Siri is about to take a massive leap forward – With Siri Shortcuts, Apple has gone all in with automation on your iPad and iPhone
  • First, there is a new Siri webpage where Apple shows all of the things you can do with your personal assistant
  • Assign voice commands to your most common tasks, so there is not more hunting and pecking on the screen
  • Develop more complex automations to run multiple tasks, or even drive numerous applications all at once
  • There is also a link to the Shortcuts app, but right now it takes you to Workflow since iOS 12 official isn’t out until Monday
  • Also MacSparky just released an awesome Siri Shortcuts Field Guide for $24
  • It’s a video field guide with over 3 hours of screencasts and 40 videos
  • Both of these resources becoming available will take mobile task automation to an entirely new level.