Alexa now has more than 15,000 skills under her artificially intelligent belt

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  • Why it matters to you – Voice interfaces are going to dominate our future interactions with almost every brand and every service
  • While competitors abound, Amazon’s Alexa is putting all the others to shame with this impressive figure
  • Amazon Echo, has now mastered more than 15,000 skills as of June 30 an impressive 50 percent increase from just four months ago – Alexa’s skill count has more than doubled since the beginning of 2017
  • Amazon’s virtual assistant is far and away the leader among its competitors – Google’s skill equivalents, known as Voice Apps, number only 378 and Microsoft, is even further behind, with just 65 skills
  • Our team are working to develop a few voice-based applications to allow brands to better serve their customers – it’s absolutely an amazing transformation that is taking place
  • Here are two YouTube playlists to help your team better understand what’s involved in developing an Amazon Alexa Skill and opening the door to a voice interaction with your company or brand.

Developing Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide