A billion people use WhatsApp daily

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • One billion people check Facebook owned WhatsApp chat app every day – amazing
  • Not every month — it hit that number way back in early 2016 — but every single day
  • I’ve installed it but not used it much at all – I’m still texting and skyping for the most part
  • Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook’s own Messenger app has reached 1.2 billion monthly actively users (MAU), but WhatsApp still has more at 1.3 billion MAU
  • 76 percent of people who use WhatsApp don’t go 24 hours without firing it up on their devices
  • WhatsApp Status, its Snapchat Stories clone, has 250 million daily users – That means it has eclipsed Snapchat itself, which only has 166 million daily users altogether
  • WhatsApp may not be that popular in the US, but it’s a force to be reckoned with in the global scale –  it’s now seen as a top news source in some countries, and in the future, it could even become the go-to app for peer-to-peer payments.