• More than 6.7 million Americans work in the tech industry today and close to 200,000 tech jobs were added in 2015 alone, researchers say
  • Here are the current US salaries for people skilled in using these programming languages
  • PHP is worth $124,475
  • SQL/Microsoft SQL is worth $126,532
  • Oracle PL/SQL is worth $126,177
  • JavaScript is worth $126,988
  • C# is worth $129,692
  • Java is worth $131,962
  • C is worth $133,691
  • C++ is worth $133,954
  • Perl is worth $139,214.

Via Paysa study: The most in-demand job skills in the tech industry.

Review of the average salary and the number of jobs available for 248 skills, including 29 programming languages, and in 569 cities. From there, it up came with this list of skills that are most in demand.