67% of CISOs Believe a Cybersecurity Attack Will Happen in 2018

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Corporate Security Officers are increasingly concerned about the likelihood of falling victim to a cybersecurity attack, with 67 percent reporting that they think their organization will face that type of data breach in 2018
  • This full report – What CISOs Are Worried About in 2018 has insights from over 500 Chief Information Security Officers
  • 70% say that “inadequate in-house expertise” was the top reason they would likely have a data breach
  • Most are concerned over a careless employee falling for a phishing scam (65 percent), a significant disruption caused by malware (61 percent), a cyberattack causing significant downtime (59 percent), and a large-scale data breach involving more than 10,000 customer or employee records (53 percent)
  • It’s critical that companies support CISOs and reduce risk by implementing standard processes, including policy review and documentation, senior leadership and board member oversight, as well as other safeguards to reduce their vulnerability
  • 37 percent reported that they expect their organization’s IT security budget to increase significantly.