2016 Marketing Budget Trends, by Channel

Curated by Paul Helmick

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  • Business leaders are confident in the direction of their marketing budgets this year, with 56% of respondents expecting to increase their budgets. Email is the primary recipient of increased budgets, according to the StrongView report and a separate study [pdf] from Campaigner
  • 60% respondents reported planning to increase their email marketing spending this year, closely following was social media (56.3% increasing spend).



Email Priorities and Challenges

Returning to the Selligent and StrongView survey, a closer look at email marketing indicates that respondents are most likely to increase spending for the following email programs:

  • Social media channel growth – 44.8%;
  • Promotional (batch) – 43.1%; and
  • Triggered/transactional programs – 39.7%.

Specific to lifecycle email marketing programs, the largest proportion of respondents plan increases for:

  • Welcome (67.7%);
  • Loyalty (60.6%); and
  • Winback/re-engagement (56.8%).

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